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If you are spending your dollars & pounds in search engine marketing (SEM) and you are not getting results and you think you are missing something!

Yes! You are correct, but if this statement gives you satisfactory breathing, you have to figure out what exactly you are missing?

And until you cannot figure out what exactly you are missing, which mean you are wasting your time along with your dollars & pounds.

Let us explain what and where you are precisely missing...

SEM Guide

Search Engine Marketing Elements Analysis

Let’s discuss every broad section of search engine marketing in greater detail. You will enjoy the crescendo as facts are engaging in the journey.

Search Engine Marketing Course & Learning

Motorway ProtocolMotorway protocol in SEO bounds us to follow specific rules and procedures to reach our destination, these procedures are set actions without which it will not be possible for a website to reach its goal or to be precise desired results & ROI, but why we call it a motorway protocol?

Because it exists you only from the motorway to reach your destination and interestingly there are no U-turns and remember if you have taken a wrong exit, you will end up spending your time, money and energy to come on the same motorway again so to avoid a wrong exit.

Do you have only two options?

Either to remember your route which comes with experience or may use guidance like maps and That is what happens in the search engine marketing journey and its meaning, which follows a motorway path only as mentioned here.

Now, what will happen if we will skip this search engine marketing path?

Search Engine marketing path

So let’s take the example of content in SEO

If the content of your website pages are not compelling enough to hold visitor attention, visitors will either close the browser window or leave your website and if this will happen repeatedly & continuously, the chances are Google will remove your site from search listings or may drag down your listing with an impression that your website is no good for the specific search.

Or you should seriously consider a Website Redesign with a managed Website support service

Although when it comes to website support, options vary in cost & service both. Although we have made a choice easy for you by actually dissecting all the possibilities of Website Support Cost and what exactly should you pay?

Now consider if you are standing at PPC level we assume you have already spent a hefty sum of money and your precious time as well in reaching this level

Only to see such bounces along with search dragging penalties from Google.

SEO & SEM Marketing & Difference

Check a website design is either SEO or non-SEO? May I recall SEO is different from SEM. The procedure and SEO packages are different too.

SEO is a one-off process where SEM is a recurring one.


Mobile Optimised

Likewise if your website design is not mobile optimise which Google considers quite seriously more or less your website keyword ranking will go down

Compelling Content

Likewise If you are In the same manner, if your content is compelling but not optimised with anchor text, Hyperlinks etc. you will end up finding your website in search results

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the critical elements of the search engine marketing process. And This SEO Guide (Published in 2019) will explain to you why? The guide was published in 2019, covering every aspect of search engine optimisation process.

Starting a Social Media Marketing without an SEO Consultancy is like making a pizza without cheese.

Are you hosting your website where your visitors are? If not, consider a migration. In the scenario, a managed website hosting service is always preferable.

So by now, we hope you understand

What is the best route for search engine marketing?

And quite frankly we have no shortcuts

The foremost part relates to compelling website design with a managed website support service.

But when it comes to Google searches, we can equally understand each one of us is impatient and wish to achieve top ranking in Google and other search engines

And sometimes end up disappointed

Next part is related to the elements involved in search engine marketing process and is even more exciting.

See how companies cost SEM Packages and what the key elements. Check SEO & SEM Services to understand the core difference, key features involved & procedure.

Website Speed scoreI will reiterate you should consider a website redesign before starting search engine marketing, albeit a mediocre one may jeopardise website marketing strategy. 

Here’s why you should consider a website redesign?

Website design starts with £500. You can check the Website design calculator by Bitvero.

Search Engine Marketing Elements

Here we will discuss what the key elements are in Search Engine Marketing

Though it is clear from the chart what we require in search marketing, this is a recurring process with technicalities involved,

Creating & optimising compelling content then to publicise, syndicate and promote it is challenging, following ethical practices & technique depends on your search engine marketer.

Likewise, the wrong business listing with irrelevant NAP will do more harm than good,

SEO Process

See how companies bifurcate SEM Packages unlike below, try Google the keyword and check for results. You might end up watching a plethora of elements keeps low relevance.

And here is the Search Engine Marketing procedure Bitvero follows

SEM Procedure

SEM is a fine blend of maintaining and amplifying your web assets. The process is a recurring one and service is based on a monthly contract.

As per procedure we primarily focus on streamlining web assets prior to checking and execution of onsite SEO and SEM.

The procedure is as follow.

SEM Procedure


A common perception in search engine marketing is having a large number of backlinks will influence search bot and SERP, but this is a myth! A Quality backlink can undoubtedly influence the search bot and so the SERP (search engine ranking positions) And getting a quality backlink is possible with quality content only, you can imagine people out there would love to associate, share, email, discuss your quality content And when people generally try to buy backlinks from different sources, they are mistaken if they think Google algorithm doesn’t understand the trick We are ready to impress you with our unique content writing skills & techniques, though this might be the advance step if you are not following the necessary measures in search engine optimisation and the SEO Guide 2019 will give you a thorough idea of the same

SEM through Visualised Flowchart

SEM Elements

Search Engine Marketing Elements Analysis

Let’s discuss every broad section of search engine marketing in greater detail. You will enjoy the crescendo as facts are engaging in the journey.

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