Competitors link analysis & submission

In this chapter, we will discuss how to analyse competitors, their backlinks, competitor analysis tools, domain authority, the meaning of competitor analysis, examples.

Competitors Link Analysis

Competitors ResearchFriends help and enemies further help you learn new things, the saying is valid in the course of digital marketing as well.

If your competitor is outranking you in the business, it is time to check their strategies, in terms of SEO we call it Link Audit or Competitors link analysis

Backlinks are still the best currency of SEO, and those from high authority sources are like trading with gold coins. They provide immense value to your digital asset.

BacklinksWhat is the high authority and how it is useful in SEO? (DA & PA)

Authority comes with leadership, and the only way is to earn it when the community starts recognising someone, which leads to a right level of engagement and followings is leadership. We call that person an influencer.


More the followings & engagement, higher the authority.

A good example is, you may likely listen more to your favourite actor’s advice as you are following him. Likewise, if the same actor is quoting you somewhere, you will become famous overnight, and that’s the power of authority flow.

So how it works in SEO?

In precisely the same way, search engines will recognise you more quickly if influencers in your industry recognise you if they are quoting or providing your reference in the community, and the best way is through a contextual backlink.

Website AuthorityWhat is the metric of authority in SEO?

It’s the DA: Domain Authority and PA: Page authority

A metric algorithm designed and developed by MOZ, we can measure the overall power of any domain using DA, similarly when we measure the influence of any given web page is PA.

The scale of measurement is 1-100, where one is the lowest and 100 highest.


A tool to check DA & PA

The official tool to check the DA and PA is Moz Link explorer

Competitor Link Analysis

You can also download the Moz bar from Chrome store, which provides you with instant SEO metrics, including DA & PA, while operating Google search.

MOZ SEO Toolbar

Domain authorityHow is domain authority scored?

Moz explains they are scoring the domain authority on a 100 point logarithmic scale.

The exact process to build the domain authority and trust

Search your near competitors in Google, scrape sponsored results, local listings, and influencer website design, then collect the remaining ones in the sheet, up to 4 or 5 competitors.

Open the Ahrefs site explorer tool, and dissect the first competitor.

Competitor Backlinks

In my case, I can see one of my immediate competitors keeps a basket full of more than 2.5k backlinks. Where the +11 shows the new links secured.

Let’s click on the backlinks to find out from where exactly my competitor is getting all those links.

Hey, look at the data and check what you have got?

Analysis will give you good results

  • Precious links your competitor is receiving,
  • The anchor text used in the backlink
  • The referring page containing the backlink
  • DR: domain rating, based on ahrefs own 100 points logarithmic scale
  • If the backlink is DoFollow, No Follow, contextual
  • Secondary details like website CMS, traffic estimates, linked domains etc.

Link explorer tools

Ahrefs Link Explorer

Ahrefs Link Explorer
Ahrefs Link Explorer

In the next step, you will export the full list using the ‘Export’ button the top right corner of the page.

Ahrefs Link Explorer
Backlink Analysis

Download the sheet, select all the columns, then go to sort and filter, and click the custom sort button, select the sort column with domain rating and order in most significant to smallest

I am sure you are curious to know the details of all the high authority sites first, and the above process will help you to sort the whole sheet to your desired order.

In my case I can now easily see the full list my competitor is getting a backlink from

Backlink Analysis

The final step is to check and analyse each link carefully and make relevant categories to avail the link opportunities. These may be Link Opportunities


Final Step

  • Guest posts
  • Directories
  • Citations
  • Case studies
  • Syndications
  • Blog commenting

Try to reach the webmasters or site owners or representatives as they may likely be responsive to link with your content. These sites belong to your niche and provide you with opportunities for content outreach.


Uber-Suggest by Neil Patel is also an excellent tool in which you can add up to five projects. The tool is free and provides exhaustive information about traffic stats, backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword suggestions, content ideas, domain analysis, and site audit.

You can find competitor backlinks easily and export them to a CSV. Then execute the same steps to see submissions.

Although ahrefs is exhaustive in terms of functionality, however, paid where uber-suggest is entirely free, still covering all the essential tools for analysis.

Uber Suggest

You can give it a try and find out


Moz is one such player as well in providing SEO metrics



They are providing the top-level stats free; you can explore more only after a paid signup.

Sum up

To sum up, getting a backlink is exceptionally challenging yet accessible in some cases, you can secure a backlink from a high authority website using a sensible comment in a blog.


Disqus is a community platform for blog commenting. You only need to sign up and start, Install in your website for free, WordPress provides Disqus widget

Although guest posting is a unique and exciting process full of challenges and they are not limited to just

  • Finding the niche,
  • building your trust,
  • doing a professional pitch,
  • writing an exhaustive article,
  • keeping consistency in the guest post-process

We are already covering guest post, syndications with prolixity above.

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