Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

"Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factor."

Source: Google

The basic idea is to give value proposition to the reader as if you are creating an asset.

We help customers increase sales by creating and amplifying assets.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy, content marketing strategy & content plan

Often people interchangeably use these terms

Content strategy is a broader term which helps businesses manage all of the content, it goes beyond the scope of content marketing strategy, which at its core we use to build audience and achieve revenue.

On the contrast a content plan documents the specifics of how you will execute the strategy and who will manage.

Although drafting a content marketing strategy come first prior to writing a content plan.


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Essential elements of an effective content marketing strategy

An effective content marketing strategy is based on key objectives of your business and customer needs, and how you will use your content plan to address them.

Businesses are different and so their models, you may not find a suitable content marketing template to fit all, hence a unique CMS plan tailored to fit in the space is a professional approach.

Content Marketing Strategy
Search Engine Marketing


Have you observed Search Engine Marketers sell Search Engine Optimisation as package deals?

Google ‘SEO Packages’ and click the top links.

You will be surprised that almost every company is selling SEO as a package deal with SEM, even though the two are different?

SEM is recurring & SEO is one-off.

Are you looking for Social Media Marketing?

The process SMM is entirely different to the one we had discussed above. SMM is a monthly recurring process and SMO is one off.

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Do I require a content marketing strategy?

Yes, you do require a content marketing strategy but also need to document it in order to draft an effective content marketing plan, you will feel less challenged with different aspect of content marketing and able to justify the spending of the overall budget in content marketing.

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