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As Google’s flagship product, PPC delivers the fastest and easiest way to appear in paid search results.

Are you bidding on all the wrong keywords?

PPC Keywords: The more you select, the more money Google makes

The Google PPC algorithm uses a unique system of quality scoring to determine the quality of both your individual keyword bid, and your overall campaign.

The higher the quality score – the higher the position in paid search results.

PPC Campaign

Google Ads (GDN) - Google Display network

Reach a wider audience. The power of networking

Google is collecting spaces from publishers with the unique concept of Google AdSense and selling the same areas to advertisers via Google Display Network and top of all Google is earning on both the sides.

When the outreach comprises a bundle of more than 2 million websites reaching 90% of the internet as Google claims,

Google suggests focussing your campaign by using targeting set, show your ads to people most important to your business.

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Search Engine Marketing


Have you observed Search Engine Marketers sell Search Engine Optimisation as package deals?

Google ‘SEO Packages’ and click the top links.

You will be surprised that almost every company is selling SEO as a package deal with SEM, even though the two are different?

SEM is recurring & SEO is one-off.


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